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Pay My Rent

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first of each month, payable through the close of business 11:59PM on the fifth (5th) of each month.

How can I pay rent?

Rent can be paid online via your resident web access portal or with check or money order at the CSCC office during business hours.  After hours, checks may be dropped in the drop boxes located immediately outside of the CSCC office door or in the foyer of the CSCC Community Center.

Accepted forms of payment

  • ACH Transfer via Resident Web Access Portal
  • Debit Card via Resident Web Access Portal
  • Credit Card via Resident Web Access Portal
  • Personal Check
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Money Order

Late Fees & Nonpayment of Rent

  • Rent is considered late at 12:00 am on the 6th of each month, at that time a $25.00 late fee is applied to that month’s rent.
  • If rent is not paid by close of business on the 10th of each month, a hold will be place on your University record.
  • If rent is not paid at the close of the following month, payment and eviction will be sought through the Hennepin County Courts.

Maintenance Request

Standard Maintenance Request

When you experience a maintenance problem in your apartment (drippy faucet, electrical outlet, heat issue) please report as soon as possible through the Resident Web Portal.

Emergency Maintenance Request

If you have a maintenance emergency, where property or people may be endangered if action is not taken at once, call the maintenance emergency line.


Connecting to Internet

CSCC provides the U of M Secure Internet connection, with an Ethernet port located in your unit. Wi-fi is also available complex wide.


The UMN’s high-speed ethernet access connects you to the university’s secure internet connection.  The university requires hardwired devise to be registered with Network & Telecommunication Services (NTS) before they can receive a valid IP address. 

Register Device


The university’s WiFi connection is shared by your devices along with your neighbors’ devices.  If you experience problems with the WiFi service, it is most likely a neighbor using a router whose signals are interfering with the university’s signals.  We ask CSCC residents to be respective of their neighbors and remove antennas to tone down the signal from a router.


How it Works

  • CSCC has a contract with BDS to provide card-reader operated washers and dryers in each CSCC residential building.
  • The laundry cards can be purchased and refilled at the laundry card-reload machines located in the CSCC Community Center.
  • Your laundry room key will open the outer door to the CSCC Community Center giving you access to reload your laundry card via a credit card 24/7.
  • As so many people are sharing the washers and dryers it is important to be aware of your laundry, removing it promptly once the washer or dryer completes its cycle.

Coreway Cleaning

The major responsibility of a stockholder is cleaning the coreway on a rotating basis with the other coreway neighbors. The schedule for cleaning is located on each coreway’s bulletin board above the mailboxes and must be checked off and signed after each cleaning. Non-stockholders are not responsible for cleaning the coreway. 

Coreway cleaning includes:

  • Vacuuming all of the carpeted areas including the stairs
  • Sweeping the sidewalk and entryway
  • Sweeping and mopping the linoleum entryways
  • Cleaning the coreway windows inside and out
  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Removing old notices from the bulletin board
  • Picking up litter in green spaces around your coreway
  • Shoveling the berm- the ridge of snow created by the snow plow at the ends of the entryway sidewalks.

If you are unavailable to clean during your assigned week, you can ask one of your neighbors to swap weeks with you or post an announcement on the CSCC Swap and Shop Facebook Page. Notify the cleaning evaluator if you switch weeks with another resident.

Thank you for doing your part to support the cooperative!

Cleaning Schedules

The cleaning schedules referenced below can help you navigate your assigned cleaning week. 

Current Cleaning Schedule

Annual Cleaning Calendar


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