About CSCC

Como Student Community Cooperative (CSCC) is a student-family housing community owned by the University of Minnesota but operated as a cooperative by the residents who live here.

The History of CSCC

In 1975, the buildings that make up CSCC were constructed on our beautiful property located in between the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses of the University of Minnesota.

CSCC was established as a cooperative shortly after opening in 1976.  Through the years, our residents have helped to make CSCC what it is today.


Cooperative Community

As a cooperative, our system of operation is uniquely attuned to the needs of the residents.  All residents pitch in through regular duties, serving on committees and participating in other activities on a voluntary basis.  This means that anyone residing at CSCC can choose to participate as a stockholder and have a voice in policies, procedures, activities, and improvements to our buildings and grounds.

The governing body of CSCC is composed of a Board of Directors.  The board sets policies, directs the CEO and works with following standing committees:

  • Finance
  • Community Activities
  • Building Coordinators

As a volunteer, you can contribute to the vibrancy of our community and help make CSCC an amazing place to live!

Prospective Residents

Are you interested in living at CSCC? Learn more about what CSCC has to offer residents.

Current Residents

We are proud to offer a number of online resources to our current residents. See what’s happening in our community or access all our online forms.

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