Substitute Cleaner Form

CSCC hires residents to sub-clean coreways on a permanent and as-needed basis for when there is a non-stockholder in the coreway, when an apartment is empty and has no one to clean the coreway, when there is no A or B in the coreway (laundry room coreway), or when someone has forgotten to clean the coreway. CSCC pays $20 per cleaning. Please fill out this form if you would like to be placed on our mailing list to be contacted.

    As-needed sub-cleaners are contacted as a group on an as-needed, first come first serve basis. Sub-cleaners are paid $20 per cleaning.

    Permanent sub-cleaners are responsible for cleaning for a specific apartment. Each time it is the assigned unit's week to clean, you would need to clean for that assigned unit. Permanent sub-cleaners are paid $20 for each week that they clean. Units will be assigned as they become available.

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Further information about cleaning and shoveling coreways at CSCC.