Prospective Residents

CSCC has been in business for over 40 years with the mission of providing affordable housing, while also providing a supportive community for its residents.

Floor Plans & Unit Styles

At CSCC we offer several floor plans in both two and three bedroom layouts. We have units on our ground and garden levels, as well as offering a townhouse-style layout. View our floor plans to see video tours, photo galleries, and virtual tours for each apartment style.

Rental rates effective July 1, 2024.

  • Two Bedroom Garden Level Flat – $1,079
  • Two Bedroom Ground Level Flat – $1,116
  • Two Bedroom Townhouse – $1,169
  • Three Bedroom Townhouse – $1,319


Cscc outdoor image

Application Process

Prospective residents must meet our eligibility requirements and submit an application in order to be placed on our waitlist. 


In order to live at CSCC, at least one applicant must be one of the following:

  • A degree seeking student
  • A Postdoctoral Fellow (job code 9560) or Associate (job code 9546)
  • A professional in training
  • Medical or dental resident
  • Employed under one of these job codes

Visiting scholars and Fulbright Fellowships are not academically eligible to live at CSCC.


Prospective residents must complete an online application and pay a $50 application fee. The application will require you to provide the following information:

  • Name and contact information for all occupants
  • The academic eligibility for the primary applicant
  • Indication of ‘family’ or ‘individual’ applicant
  • Desired move in dates
  • Unit preferences

We only require one application to reserve a spot on the waitlist.

  • For families: Only the UMN student or affiliate should submit an application
  • For individuals: Students applying together as roommates should have the student with the highest priority eligibility should apply.

Suggestions for your application:

  • Make a plan and apply early! Prospective residents may apply up to one year in advance.
  • Be flexible on your desired move-in date. The waitlist increases between May and September.
  • You may withdraw your application at any time.

Ready to start your application? Apply Now


All new applications are placed on a waitlist. Applications are sorted in two categories, 1.) families or 2.) individuals and roommates. This will impact your waitlist placement.


  • A student living with a spouse or registered domestic partner.
  • An unmarried student with 50% or greater physical custody of a minor child.


  • Individual students may live alone or with a roommate.
  • If a resident chooses to add a roommate to their lease, the roommate does not have to meet academic eligibility requirements.
  • The roommate must complete an application and receive approval from CSCC.
    CSCC does not assign or assist in placement of roommates.

Priority is given in this order:

  • Undergraduate/Graduate families (married or domestic partners with or without children, single parents with children).
  • Individual graduate students.
  • Post doc families (married or domestic partners with or without children, single parents with children).
  • Individual post doc students.

If you want to know where you are in the application pool, call the CSCC office at 612-378-2434 or e-mail at

Accepting an Apartment

We will contact you via e-mail when your waitlist placement is selected. This e-mail will include an offer for an apartment. The offer will provide:

  • The type of unit available
  • Rental rate for the unit
  • The move-in date.

You will have two business days to make your decision, so make sure you check your e-mail regularly

Once you have accepted the apartment offer, we will e-mail you details on your next steps. You will need to submit a security deposit (equal to one month’s rent) within seven days. The entire process is complete online, and you do not need to come in-person to complete the leasing process.

Cooperative Benefits & Amenities

Our cooperative business structure and amenities make us unique compared to most other student housing options on campus. 

What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is a business that is owned and democratically controlled by the members who use its services.

Residents may join the cooperative as a stockholder. Stockholders are responsible for cleaning their common hallway and walkway. Stockholders may also volunteer in the community, vote on business matters, and serve in organization governance.

Residents may opt-out of cooperative membership. Residents who opt-out pay a 10% fee in addition to monthly rent.

Learn More About CSCC Mission & History


From our convenient location and community activities to on-site parking and included utilities, CSCC is proud to offer the best amenities in the University neighborhood for the price.

Learn More About Our Amenities


We want to make it easy for you to find the information you are looking for when considering CSCC for housing, if you don’t see what you are looking for contact us!