Application Process


At CSCC we offer housing to both families and single students. Before applying, verify you meet our eligibility requirements.


A University of Minnesota student and her/his family may live at CSCC if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a degree-seeking, credit-earning student at the University of Minnesota.
  • Post-doctoral students, professions in training, dental or medical residents or the like.

Visiting scholars and post-doctoral research associates are NOT academically eligible to live at CSCC.


A University of Minnesota student and her/his family may live at CSCC if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • A student living with spouse with or without minor child(ren).
  • An unmarried student with 50% or greater physical custody of minor child(ren).
  • Domestic partners (same or opposite sex).
  • Single graduate or post-doc students.

Single Graduate Student Roommate

A single graduate student can live alone OR with the roommate of his/her choice, who would also need to sign the lease.  A single graduate student roommate does not need to be eligible for residency independently, eligibility for residency is carried by the graduate student.

  • CSCC does not involve itself in the pairing of roommates, this is handled by the individuals.
  • Composition of a household entering a CSCC unit is always subject to the CSCC General Manager’s approval as is any change in a household once they are here.
  • Rent prices at CSCC are always based upon the type of unit that you reside in at CSCC. Rent is never set on a per person basis.
  • All roommates must fill out the CSCC application and pay the application fee


  1. Undergraduate/Graduate families (married or domestic partners with or without children, single parents with children).
  2. Single graduate students.
  3. Post doc families (married or domestic partners with or without children, single parents with children).
  4. Single post doc students.

*If a resident is given priority as a family, s/he cannot have a roommate if s/he lives at CSCC without their family. 

CSCC offers several floor plans, before applying check out which ones work best for you, so that you can share your preferences with us on the application.

After Applying

Once we receive your application and it is processed, we will email an acknowledgment letter which states your “Application Date”.  This email confirms you have been entered into the application pool and you are now waiting for an available apartment at CSCC.

Waiting for an Apartment

Our application pool waiting time changes throughout the year and can be anywhere from one to 12 months.  We have no control over openings in the complex as it all depends on when residents give us a vacate notice and an apartment becomes available.

If you want to know where you are in the application pool, call the CSCC office at 612-378-2434 or e-mail at with your Application Date. Remember though, that the number given to you does not take into account when people are interested in moving into CSCC. Some people might apply 1+ years in advance of wanting to move into CSCC. If we have a unit to offer you, we would let you know at least 30 days ahead of time.

We periodically send out update notices to those in the application pool to make sure that you are still interested in living at CSCC. You need to respond to the email notice and provide us with any changes in address or telephone numbers so that we are able to contact you when an apartment becomes available.


Accepting an Apartment

When your name comes up for an available apartment, we will contact you via email with the offer giving you the type of unit, rental rate, and the move-in date. (Rarely does a date fall on the 1st of the month). The CSCC office will give you a limited time to make your decision. If you do not respond to the apartment offer, your name will be removed from the application pool.

Once you have accepted the apartment offer, we will e-mail you a Pre-lease Agreement that includes apartment details and information regarding the security deposit. You will need to return the security deposit (equal to one month’s rent) to the CSCC office within seven days.

Once the security deposit and Pre-Lease Agreement is turned in, we will contact you with further move in details.


If you have any questions about the application process or waiting period, please contact the office at 612-378-2434.
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