Job Codes

9510 Graduate Assistant Coach
9511 Teaching Assistant
9515 Graduate Instructor
9516 M.D. Student Project Assistant
9517 Ph.D Cand. Graduate Instructor
9518 Advance masters TA
9519 Ph.D Cand. w/24 Thesis cred. TA
9521 Research Assistant
9526 Graduate Research Project Assistant
9527 Ph.D. Cand. Graduate Research Proj. Asst.
9528 Advance Masters RA
9529 Ph.D. Cand. w/24 thesis Cand. RA
9531 Administrative fellow
9532 Advance Masters Admin. Fellow
9533 Ph.D. Cand. w/24 thesis cred. AF
9535 Professional Program Assistant
9538 Legal Project Assistant (w/ Tuition Benefit)
9539 Legal Project Assistant (w/o Tuition Benefit)
9540 Pharmacy Associate
9541 Veterinary Intern
9545 Pre Doctoral Assistant
9548 Veterinary Medical Resident
9549 Veterinary Medical Resident-Grad Program
9552 Dental Fellow Teaching Specialist
9552CR Chief Dental Fellow Specialist
9553 Dental Fellow
9553CR Chief Dental Fellow
9554 Medical Fellow – Graduate Program
9555 Medical Fellow
9556 Medical Resident
9556CR Chief Medical Resident
9557 Psychology Fellow
9558 Psychology Fellow Specialist
9559  Medical Resident – Graduate Program
9568 NIH NRSA Medical Fellow
9569 NIH NRSA Medical Fellow – Graduate Program
9571 Summer Term TA
9572 Summer Term RA
9573 Summer Term AF
9574 Summer Session TA w/T. Ben
9575 Summer Session TA w/o T. Ben
9582 NIH NRSA Medical Resident
9583 NIH NRSA Medical Resident – Graduate Program


Job codes below are not considered Limited Professionals in Training but are eligible to live at CSCC
9546 Post Doctoral Associate
9560 Post Doctoral Fellow
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