CSCC Animal License Agreement

Como Student Community Cooperative (CSCC) agrees to extend a license to permit Resident(s) to keep one animal described below. The license only applies to the animal described below and is non transferable. A new agreement is required to replace an animal. Resident(s) understand that the following rules and restrictions must be followed or this license may be terminated. Upon termination it is Resident(s) responsibility to immediately and permanently remove the animal from the rental premises. A breach of this Agreement is a breach of the lease  and gives CSCC all rights and remedies it has to enforce the lease.


Resident(s) may keep the animal described below in the rental unit subject to the following rules and conditions:

  1. Resident(s) shall provide CSCC with evidence from a veterinarian or other like authority, such as the Humane Society, that the animal has been spayed or neutered. Evidence from a veterinarian on the age, breed, and weight of the animal is required.

  2. Upon request, Resident(s) shall provide CSCC with proof that all animal vaccinations and other appropriate veterinary care has been obtained. Any license, tags or other requirements of the City of Minneapolis shall be obtained. Proof of such compliance must be provided to Management as requested.

  3. Resident(s) must provide names and contact information for two alternate animal care providers that do not live at CSCC. In the event there is any question that the animal owned by Resident(s) is receiving appropriate care, or Resident(s)’ whereabouts are not known, CSCC in its sole discretion shall have the right to contact an alternate animal caregiver to come and take the animal. CSCC shall have no duty or obligation to contact Resident(s)’ alternate animal caregiver if there is any doubt or question about the appropriate care, health,or behavior of the animal. CSCC shall be free to contact the local Animal Humane Society or Animal Control or similar authority or agency herein to remove the animal in lieu of efforts to contact an alternate animal care provider or if efforts to contact the alternate animal care provider are unsuccessful.

  4. When outside on CSCC grounds, the animal must be on a non-retractable leash, no longer than 6’ long, or otherwise in a secure animal container, and under actual physical control at all times.

  5. Resident(s) may not bring the animal inside the CSCC Office, Community Center, laundry rooms, playgrounds or Community Garden.

  6. Resident(s) acknowledge that the animal should be toileted on the perimeter of the complex and not in the greater playground areas, in the building landscaped areas, or on the soccer field.

  7. Resident(s) acknowledges that other residents or guests may have spiritual or cultural objections to animals or have allergies, fears, or health sensitivities. Resident(s) agrees to reasonably work with CSCC to respond to complaints or concerns raised by neighbors and other residents. CSCC may set, or change rules from time to time restricting animals (with the exception of service animals) from common areas.

  8. Animals may not be left unattended at any time outside your apartment.

  9. Resident(s) is responsible for containing the animal when CSCC gives notice that it needs to enter the apartment for repairs, inspections, or showings.

  10. Dogs may not urinate or defecate in the apartment, “pee pads” or fake indoor grass are not allowed for any type of animal.  Dogs are not to defecate in the interior of the community but should be walked on the perimeter for their toileting needs. Any damage done to  grass, shrubbery, plantings, carpet, or other property in the building, in common areas or to outdoor areas by Resident(s)’ animal will be charged to Resident(s) and must immediately be paid. CSCC reserves the right to implement, and to require, that a DNA sample be provided for any animal and make this an advance condition of any animal being approved. The DNA sample may be used to determine the source of any animal waste. If any waste that is not completely removed or properly cleaned matches Resident(s)’ animal Resident(s) may be charged testing costs and issued a lease violation and/or fine. Repeat violation is a basis for termination of this License Agreement, lease termination, and/or eviction.

  11. Cats must be litter box trained. Residents must change cat litter at least twice a week, or more, if needed to avoid odors in the unit or common areas. Litter must be disposed of in sealed bags and carried to the dumpsters in the parking lot. Disposal of litter or animal waste in any drain or toilet in your unit or the community is prohibited.

  12. Any complaints about Resident(s)’ animal or the animal’s condition or behavior from Residents, neighbors, guest, or CSCC staff (such as noise, barking,whining, odors, the presence of fleas, ticks, or other pests or conditions, aggressive behaviors including, but not limited to biting, nipping, baring teeth, growling, charging or chasing any person or other animal, or any nuisance behaviors) shall be grounds for revocation of this license and/or Lease enforcement.

  13. Resident(s) agrees to be responsible for any and all damage done by the animal to the unit, or any common area in CSCC, including, but not limited to, stain removal, deodorizing, wood resurfacing and repair/replacement, carpet replacement, etc. These  costs may be in excess of any damage or pet deposits paid by Resident(s) and Resident(s)’ responsibility is not limited to the amount of any deposit. Resident(s) agrees that CSCC shall be entitled to use funds in the security deposit to professionally clean the carpet in the entire unit, including treatments or actions for odor treatment when Resident vacates.

  14. Resident(s) agrees to be responsible for any damages or claims brought by any third person as a result of Resident(s)’ animal. Resident(s) will be liable for the entire amount of any damages or claims for injuries to person or property caused by the Resident(s)’ animal. It is required that Residents who own a dog or cat as a pet to purchase a personal liability insurance policy, such as renters’ insurance with a liability rider, to protect against claims or damages; those with a support animal are strongly recommended to do so. Resident(s) agrees to indemnify and hold CSCC and the University of Minnesota harmless from any claims brought by any person relating to any damage or injury caused by Resident(s)’ animal. Such indemnity shall include reimbursing CSCC for all costs of defense, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, in defending any claim naming CSCC as a result of Resident(s) animal.

  15. An animal owner may not alter the interior or yard to create an animal enclosure or entrance. The installation or placement of outdoor fences or pens is prohibited. Animals may not be staked outside.

  16. The bathing of any animal is not permitted in any laundry room or common area.

  17. Resident(s) shall provide for proper care of the animal on a daily basis. A reason to believe the animal has not received adequate care, has been abused, is unattended, or is in need of veterinary care, are grounds for CSCC to contact the Humane Society and/or Animal Control or an alternative care provider to remove the animal.

  18. This Animal License Agreement is an additional addendum to Resident’s lease. Any violation of this Agreement gives CSCC the same rights and remedies provided in the lease. CSCC, in its discretion, may issue a warning or notice to Resident(s) of violation of this Agreement; may give Resident(s) a notice that this License has been revoked and require Resident(s) to provide proof that the animal has been removed from the household; or give Resident(s) a notice of lease termination or eviction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a notice from any police department or municipal authority that the Resident’s animal has been designated a potentially dangerous animal, or any other complaint or report that Resident(s)’ animal has bitten or attacked any person or animal, has become threatening, vicious or aggressive, or has displayed symptoms of an illness or behavior so as to constitute a nuisance or threat to the health or safety of the community, will be grounds for CSCC to demand that the animal be removed at once.

  19. With the exception of service animals or support animals needed for a disability, any animal approval fees, additional security deposits and monthly rent or charges, plus any costs or charges for advance DNA identification testing, must be timely paid. Failure to pay any monthly rent or charge shall be subject to any late fee owed under the lease and to lease enforcement up to and including an eviction action for nonpayment of rent and amounts owed under the lease. Approval fees and deposits are to be paid in advance of this Agreement being signed and before any animal is brought to the premises.