What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is a business owned and governed by its customers and operates for their benefit. As a co-op registered in the State of Minnesota, CSCC has a management agreement with the University of Minnesota, owner of the property, to manage the buildings and property. CSCC, as with other co-ops, depends on residents (stockholders) to volunteer their time and talent to the governance of the cooperative. The CSCC Board of Directors hires a General Manager to run the day-to-day operations of the cooperative.

If a resident elects to be a stockholder in the cooperative there are required cleaning duties on a rotating basis, usually for one hour every 6 weeks. A resident who elects to be a non-stockholder pays approximately 10% surcharge in their monthly rent.
When a cash surplus exists at the end of the year, stockholding residents receive a portion of these funds in the form of a patronage refund.

Can I change my mind about being a stockholder?

Absolutely! At any time if you want to change your stockholder status you may do so through the CSCC Office.

Is there on-site parking?

Yes, and it’s free!
Residents are limited to two vehicles and must display the CSCC Parking Permit on the registered vehicles. If you have more than two vehicles, you will need to park in the street.
There is no assigned or covered parking.
CSCC also offers a number of other amenities you can learn more about here

How long is the lease?

The CSCC Lease is a month-to-month lease but residents are required to give a 60-day Notice to Vacate.

What utilities are included in the rent?

All utilities (heat, water, electricity, and the internet) are included in your rent.

As a couple, are we eligible for a two-bedroom apartment if we do not have any children?


Can my parents or siblings live with me for an extended time?

Yes. Extended family members, considered guests, are allowed to stay with CSCC residents but must be registered in the CSCC Office. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

Are pets allowed at CSCC?

Our policy allows small caged animals and aquariums at no cost. Dogs and cats are allowed for a non-refundable fee and monthly charge. Ferrets are not allowed.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) registered and approved with the University Disability Resource Center will not be subject to limitation on breed and animal type. Residents with Service or ESA animals are still expected to follow the provisions of the Pet Policy as it relates to health and safety issues, animal behavior, cleaning up pet waste, and any damages caused by an animal.

What school district is CSCC in for school aged children?

We are located in the Minneapolis Public School District. There are a variety of public-school opportunities plus there are also private and charter schools in the area. Minnesota has a School Choice program which may allow you to select the school of your choice as long as there is room for your child. Visit their website to search school options based on your address/attendance area. You can filter your results based on program offerings, activities and start times. There are also members of our community who choose to homeschool.

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