Notice to Vacate

CSCC Official Vacate Guidelines


Thank you for choosing CSCC as your home while attending the University of Minnesota! We hope your time here was a good experience.

CSCC requires a written 60-day Notice to Vacate, received on a business day. The official day of vacate (must be a CSCC business day), residents are to be completely out of the apartment and all belongings removed from the outer coreway and storage room by 1:00PM and all keys issued turned in to the CSCC Office no later than 1:15PM. If the apartment keys are not turned in on time, a $75.00 overstay fee will be assessed. If you wish to be present at the move-out inspection and appointment through the CSCC Office should be requested ahead of time.

All keys (apartment keys, laundry room key, mailbox key) issued must be returned when you vacate. The replacement cost for a missing laundry room or mailbox key is $30.00. If any apartment key is not returned there is a $150.00 charge for changing the locks.

Additional Move-Out Information

  • CSCC has established its rent charges based on the assumption that Residents will remain in an apartment for a minimum of 12 months. If a resident moves out of an apartment within 12 months a $250 turnover fee is charged to the outgoing resident.
  • If your apartment is to be shown to potential new residents, CSCC will contact the current resident at least 24 hours prior to the visit.  The potential residents will be accompanied by CSCC staff while in the apartment
  • Residents who submit a Notice to Vacate will no longer be eligible for any rent extensions, including the month the notice is submitted.
  • A fire lane pass must be checked out in the CSCC Office with a $20.00 deposit in order to park a vehicle in the fire lane for the purposes of loading or unloading a vehicle.
  • Vehicles are prohibited at all times on all sidewalks.
  • The laminated Visitor Parking Pass must be returned when you vacate. There is a $10 replacement charge.
  • The security deposit will be mailed to you within 21 days of your official vacate date.
  • Keep forwarding address current for the next 18 months with the CSCC Office.  If authorized, patronage refunds are mailed each November.



Notice to Vacate

CSCC requires a written 60-day Notice to Vacate, received on a business day. You will need to be completely out of your apartment by 1:00PM on the day of vacate.
  • must be on a CSCC business day, and rent will be prorated
  • forwarding address is used for the security deposit return AND any patronage refund at the end of the fiscal year
  • I have read the above guidelines regarding vacating CSCC.
  • Once you submit this vacate form, it cannot be withdrawn as the process for renting the apartment begins immediately. Upon submitting this Notice to Vacate a pre-inspection by CSCC Maintenance personnel will occur within a few days to assess physical/structural issues.