Air Conditioner Registration

AC Registration

There is a monthly fee of $20, per air-conditioning unit, and all air-conditioners must be registered through this agreement before the air-conditioner is installed in your apartment. CSCC does not prorate air-conditioner usage. An unreported air-conditioner is considered an unreported appliance and carries a $50 penalty. Air-Conditioners installed in CSCC apartments should be installed in the specific air-conditioner sleeves in the living room and/or master bedroom. Bolts or nails should never be driven through the outer wall or into the window frame to build a support system for the units placed outside the sleeve. Any costs incurred from all damages caused by improper placement will be assessed to the resident. To cancel your air-conditioner(s) remove your A/C unit from the sleeve and return the sticker (s) to the office. In order to not be charged for the current month, the sticker must be returned by the 1st of the month or by the rent due deadline for that month. All air-conditioners and support structures need to be removed by November 1.
    You will need to display an AC sticker for each registered AC on the window closest to the AC before installing the AC.
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