Connecting to Internet

CSCC provides the U of M Secure Internet connection, both Ethernet and WiFi services in your apartment and at the CSCC Community Center.


The UMN’s high-speed Ethernet access connects you to the University’s Secure Internet connection.  The University requires hardwired devices to be registered with Network and Telecommunications Services (NTS) before they can receive a valid IP address.   To do so, register your device at DHCP,

If your Ethernet connection does not work contact the University’s 1-HELP, 612.301.4357 for assistance.


The University’s WiFi connection is shared by your devices along with your neighbors’ devices. If you experience problems with the WiFi service it is most likely a neighbor using a router whose signals are interfering with the University’s signals. We ask CSCC Resident to be respective of their neighbors and remove antennas to tone down the signal from a router.